We take part in the entire production process, from designing the project to supervising the print of materials.
The services we provide include:

  • Projects of book and CD covers
  • Projects of book, album and catalogue layouts
  • Graphic material preparation
  • DTP and pre-press services

We make sure our services and products are of top-quality!

ATL / BTL Advertising

We make projects and provide pre-press services for all branches of advertising, from press advertisements to billboards and external large-size advertisements.
We create slogans and texts, as well as design promotional items.
Our offer includes:

  • POS services
  • Press and large format advertising, billboards
  • Designing promotional items

Let us take care of your brand or product!

Visual identity

We provide comprehensive visual identity systems. Each logotype is accompanied with a Corporate Identity Manual specifying the use of the logotype on stationery, cars, clothes, flags and in advertising.
Our offer includes:

  • Designing logotypes
  • Developing Corporate Identity Manuals
  • Adapting to current
    and future exploitation fields

It will be a great pleasure for us to witness the birth of a new brand!

Large format printing

To meet your expectations, we have enriched our offer with the state-of-the-art MUTOH printer which allows us to create works of the highest quality.
Our offer includes the following:

  • Posters, large-format print, banners, roll-ups, foam board printing
  • Self-adhesive foil / floor graphics / one way vision
  • Backlit printing materials
  • Canvas printing, wall graphics
  • Mesh net printing/ outdoor large format advertisements
  • Billboards

Thanks to us you’ll put your idea into practice!